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Couples & Relationship counselling

Who is Couples Counselling for?

Couples counselling (also called therapy) is for any couple - whatever their gender or sexuality, who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship.  The aim of counselling is to improve communication and hopefully enable the couple to resolve issues within their relationship.

Problems often arise over a long period of time and it is not unusual for couples to be dealing with significant problems for years before they seek professional support.  Problems often arise as a result of events such as an affair, loss (eg death, job loss/change), birth of children, older children leaving home or moving to a new location.  

What happens during a session?

Unlike individual therapy, couples counselling requires a certain level co-operation to get both individuals engaged in the process.  This differs from couple to couple and so an initial session ,might mean both people turning up together or I might see them as individuals for a short period of time (but for an equal number of sessions each) before we can all sit down together.  

Each person will have an opportunity to speak on 'neutral' ground, away from their usual setting, in a safe and contained way.  

Each session lasts 50 minutes and the fee for couples is £120.  

My approach

For me, the relationship itself is the client, not the two individuals in it;  It's what they produce together that is the focus of the work. We all bring our history with us into relationships, so it's no surprise that unresolved issues from our past might be impacting on our  here-and-now relationships, often out of awareness.  My approach is to challenge my clients in a supportive non-judgemental way.  

How do I arrange a consultation?

You can call me (although you might have to leave a message, as I might be with a client), contact me through the  Contact page or email me directly -

If , for any reason, you want to meet with me individually for an initial consultation, that is ok but I will offer the same to both of you.  The ideal situation is to meet me together for the initial consultation, but I can be flexible if necessary.  

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