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frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the first session?

The first session is not an actual therapy or counselling session but more of a chance for you to tell me a bit about why you are looking for support and what you hope to get from psychotherapy.  I usually glean the main themes from that information and I will often ask questions to help me understand better, your circumstances.  I will then tell you about me and how I work, so that you can decide for yourself if I am the right Therapist for you (or not).  At present the first session is FREE, saving you £110.

How many psychotherapy / counselling sessions will I need?

This will be dependent on the presenting issue(s), how long you've been affected by your struggles and how deeply you want to explore the issue(s).  For example, if you have been living with a problem that stems from your childhood, it is possible that many months (or longer) of therapy will be required to help you to address the emotional impact and find a way forward. On the other hand, some people are seeking support for more tangible and very specific issues which might be addressed in a matter of weeks or months through focused counselling sessions.  

What about confidentiality?

Jersey is a small island and it is therefore imperative that I ensure  my clients' (potential, existing and past clients) confidentiality is protected.  I will discuss confidentiality with all new clients, so that they clearly understand my commitment in terms of keeping the information shared during our psychotherapy sessions safe.  

How much does therapy cost?

The first consultation is FREE if you book in for further sessions. Each subsequent 50 minute session at Welcome Change Therapy costs £110 for individuals and £130 for couples counselling.  You can choose to either pay in advance or pay as you go.  If you have private health insurance, you may be able to have all or some of your psychotherapy costs covered.  You should contact your Insurer prior to commencing any counselling with me in order to establish whether or not they will cover any costs.

What if I don't want to continue with therapy?

Nobody can make you come to therapy - I always check with new clients to see why they want to have therapy.  It is important that they are doing it for themselves and not to please someone else.  You are your own change-agent and if you want to stop counselling, that is your decision; all that I ask is that you give me adequate notice (this is detailed in the contract which we will both sign) so that we can spend the remaining time reflecting on the work completed to date. 

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