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The past two years have seen a huge increase in the necessity and desire for access to online therapy.  Many people are more comfortable in using this technology to maintain communication and it provides a flexibility that was once inaccessible.  



So many of us lead busy lives and it can sometimes be a struggle to make time to give ourselves what we really need.  More people are turning to online forms of psychotherapy and counselling as technology allows us to share a (therapeutic) space together, while being physically separated.  

Busy lives aren't the only reason people seek out therapy online.  Sometimes people live such a distance from their nearest suitable Therapist that it can be prohibitive.  People with certain mobility problems may find the practicalities of getting to and from their Therapist's office too much.

What might I expect from online psychotherapy or counselling?

I have extensive experience working online with clients.  My online clients can expect the same level of commitment from me as my 'in-person' clients.  In my experience, it is not all that different to being in the same room as my clients. 

What is different, is that I'm being invited into their space (whether it be their home, office, car), which does give a different context to the work and allows me to experience their world, at least temporarily.  This can illuminate some of the issues.  Some people find it easier to open up and express their feelings while being in their own space, particularly if shame is a predominant emotion.  

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